Forecast for Friday 14th of January 2022, South Island, south of the Rangitata river

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Please bear in mind these are just forecasts, and forecasts can be wrong.

Thermal Forecasts:

Thermal Updraft Velocity and Bouyancy/Shear RatioViewer09One big page
Surface TemperatureViewer09One big page
Normalised Surface SunViewer09One big page
Thermal Height UncertaintyViewer09One big page
Thermaling HeightViewer09One big page
Surface HeatingViewer09One big page

Cloud Forecasts:

Cumulus PotentialViewer09One big page
Cumulus Cloudbase where CuPotential is more than 0Viewer09One big page
OverDevelopment PotentialViewer09One big page
OverDevelopment Cloudbase where ODPotential is more than 0Viewer09One big page
Boundary Layer Cloud CoverViewer09One big page
Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE)Viewer09One big page
1 Hour Accumulated RainViewer09One big page

Wind and Lower Level Forecasts:

Surface WindViewer09One big page
Boundary Layer Average WindViewer09One big page
Boundary Layer Max Up/Down (Convergence)Viewer09One big page

Upper Level Forecasts:

Vertical Velocity and Wind at 250 mb (~34,000 feet)Viewer09One big page
Vertical Velocity and Wind at 300 mb (~30,000 feet)Viewer09One big page
Vertical Velocity and Wind at 400 mb (~23,500 feet)Viewer09One big page
Vertical Velocity and Wind at 500 mb (~18,000 feet)Viewer09One big page
Vertical Velocity and Wind at 600 mb (~14,000 feet)Viewer09One big page
Vertical Velocity and Wind at 700 mb (~10,000 feet)Viewer09One big page
Vertical Velocity and Wind at 850 mb (~5,000 feet)Viewer09One big page

Upper Air Soundings (SkewT-LogP):

OmaramaViewer09One big page
Central Otago Flying Club, AlexandraViewer09One big page
South Canterbury Gliding Club, TimaruViewer09One big page
Gliding South, Five RiversViewer09One big page
QueenstownViewer09One big page
OturehuaViewer09One big page
TekapoViewer09One big page
Branches StationViewer09One big page
Erewhon StationViewer09One big page
near Mavora LakesViewer09One big page
Dunedin Airport (NZDN)Viewer09One big page

Atmospheric Cross-Sections, Parallel to Upper Level Wind:


Above are the RASP forecasts generated for this region and day. Forecasts appear here bit by bit as they are generated. Check forecasts for a previous day to see which times can be expected to be available. If there are only some or no forecast times listed then either something has gone wrong, or no forecasts are ready yet. If so please check back in half an hour to an hour.

Each forecast image has a timestamp in the upper right corner, this timestamp shows at what time the forecast was generated, and how far in the future the forecast is from the actual observations it was based on. For example, the timestamp "[22hrFcst@0409z]" means the forecast was generated at 04:09 GMT, and the forecast is for 22 hours into the future from the time the actual observations were made. Note that the observations were not made at 04:09 GMT.

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